Hurricane 'WEEKLY' Newsletter for June 10th - 14th, 2024

Good afternoon you A-W-E-S-O-M-E Hurricanes!

Please find attached our Hurricane WEEKLY Newsletter for June 10th – 14th, 2024.

Well, some of our year-end trip this past week have been a blast including the Grade 6s at the Toronto Blue Jays game and the Grade 7s at Canada’s Wonderland!  In the next couple of weeks, we hope the grade1, 2, 3, 4 and 5s have a great time at their respective year-end trips; GUELPH OUTDOOR SCHOOL, BINGAMEN’S PARK and CAMP BREBEUF -should be a ton of fun and great opportunity to solidify the great year you had together!    

Thanks to Mayor Cam Guthrie for swinging by the school to give our school community a 20-year Anniversary shoutout, if you haven’t seen it already on our social media pages!  Don’t forget we will celebrate 20-years strong on Tuesday, June 25th from 4:30-7pm.  But, we need your help again!  We will be offering delicious snow cones to our young people, but we have too much ice to store!  If you can donate a good/large cooler for the event, please have it securely labelled and drop it off to the main office a.s.a.p.  We appreciate it!  Don’t forget to bring your camping chairs and picnic blankets as we aim to create a “backyard games” theme for our evening together!  Thank you Hurricanes…

St. John Parish is offering a VACATION BIBLE CAMP for 5-9 year olds from July 22nd – 26th.  Please see the attached Registration Forms.  As well, they are looking for students in Grades 7 or older to help volunteer.  Community Service hours can be earned.  Please see attached Application Forms.

It’s just so hard to comprehend how quickly this year has gone by.  There are those who will advise to enjoy every moment because “kids grow up right in front of our eyes” – before we know it they become adults.  Embrace every tear, laughter, scream o sound of joy and even odd moment where they make mistakes, annoy us or need our help and support – because when they DO grow up, we will miss it!  And always remember when doing this, “to be the adult we needed when we were younger!”  On that note Hurricanes, keep taking care of yourselves as we navigate these last few weeks together, there are always a myriad of mixed emotions at this time- joy and tiredness, anticipation but some anxiety.  But if we remember that WE ARE MORE POWERFUL WHEN WE EMPOWER EACH OTHER, then we really know what it means to-take-care-of-each-other!  Have a great weekend everyone!  You are the best!!