Hurricane 'WEEKLY' Newsletter for January 23rd - 27th, 2023

Happy Friday you AWESOME Hurricanes!
Please find attached below, our Hurricane WEEKLY Newsletter for January 23rd - 27th, 2023.
This week we celebrated our Happy New Year Liturgy, to welcome in a brand new 2023!  Ms. Precious, Ms. Bendo and Mrs. Bens' Grade 3 students did a fabulous job leading us through prayer and reflection.  First, we spent time deconstructing our SCHOOL TOUCHSTONE PRAYER and what each part calls us to do.  Essentially, the message was even though we recite this prayer everyday, it was even more important to BE or LIVE the touchstone prayer out everyday, in our lives and with each other! #weCARE
Secondly, we were invited to ACT KINDLY, FORGIVE EASILY and REMEMBER OUR FAITH.  3 simple but very deep human actions that can make a community great, a family safe and a world a bit better.  Therefore, we invite each of you, our families to try to do the same a little bit more, each day.  #weCAN
Last but certainly not least, our Grade 3s learned about the ONE WORD Project.  Essentially, the project is about rather than have people make many promises or resolutions for the new year, that often ultimately fail or become too unrealistic, we can focus on "one word." There is greater clarity, simplicity and achievability if we just try to make that 1 degree of change, rather than a full turn-around!  So what would your word be?  Start thinking....
With that said, we have one word for all of you - GRATEFUL!   Thank you Hurricane families, staff and students for your ongoing support and realistic optimism!  Remember, "alone we can go fast, TOGETHER we can go FAR!" (African Proverb) #weCELEBRATE
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!