Holy Trinity Students Donate Hand Painted Pottery Easter Eggs to Arbor Trails

Holy Trinity Catholic School has donated hanging painted pottery eggs to bring some Easter joy to the residents at Arbor Trails in Guelph. 

All four kindergarten classes at Holy Trinity took part in the activity, which saw the students design and paint hanging pottery eggs for the seniors.

Prior to the pandemic, the kindergarten teachers at Holy Trinity had hoped that they would be able to do more for their community, to the likes of Christmas Carols at seniors facility and bringing socks to The Bench downtown, but with safety guidelines in place it has been challenging to have the students actively participate in these activities.

Connecting art class was one way the teachers established as a viable, and safe, way to give back. The classrooms teachers contacted Pottery to Go, a local Guelph Business, to find out the options they had available at Easter, and from there the plan was set in motion.

Pottery to Go packed Easter egg window hangers, paint and brushes for each of the classes to use. They dropped off all supplies and provided a handy tips sheet for the classes to use.

The kindergarten students painted all of the eggs, and after pottery to go picked them up for firing, the classes decided to donate them to Arbor Trails in the Arboretum. Each and every one of the children put in significant effort to make something beautiful to give to someone else, they were very excited about the possibility of brightening someone’s day close to Easter time.

The activity was a good lesson for the children, but beyond that, the retirement home was very appreciative. When the Easter eggs were dropped off, they were extremely happy to be able to share the pottery with the seniors.

The students donated approximately 85 Easter eggs and wrote a small note wishing their community a Happy Easter.

Although they have not done this in the past, their hope is that the next school year will allow for more community outreach from the Kindergarten classes.

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