Kindergarten Students at Holy Trinity Create Resurrection Gardens to Recognize Easter

Bringing growth inside the school, the Holy Trinity Kindergarten students are learning all about plants through the creation of Resurrection Gardens.

As a recognition of Easter, the kindergarten students have created Resurrection Gardens complete with grass, a ‘tomb’ and a cross.

Having completed the gardens a few years ago and seeing the positive impact they had on both the children and their families, the teachers thought it would be a great activity to do leading up to Easter.

Each child received a Tupperware container to fill with soil and grass seed. The children placed their soil and mixed in the grass seed during their outdoor learning. Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been caring for their garden and intently watching the grass grow – going as far as having to ‘mow’ the grass in some gardens.

Once the grass had covered each of the student’s containers, the classes went for nature walks to collect pebbles and sticks to create a path and a cross in the garden.  They will also be placing a small empty flowerpot on its side in the garden to represent the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The children were incredibly excited to both be planting the gardens and watching them grow. They loved getting their hands nice and dirty and then exploring the care of the grass in order for it to survive. Each morning before entering the school the children can be seen at their classroom window peeking in to see how the grass has been growing and comparing the differences between each garden.

Each student will be taking home their garden on Holy Thursday, where they can then share with their family members what the garden represents.

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